Why I do what I do…

Today I was reminded as to exactly why I am a leader in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts and found a source of renewed purpose.

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The Scouting triangle: Remove one side, and the movement can’t function

An excellent representation of what it takes to create and maintain a healthy Scouting unit.

Bryan on Scouting

fire-triangle You’ve heard of a fire triangle, right? It’s the geometric illustration of the three elements a fire needs to ignite: heat, fuel and oxygen. Remove one, and the blaze goes bye-bye.

Inspired by this simple illustration, Michael Dulle created what he calls the Scouting triangle. Remove one of the three elements of the Scouting triangle, and the movement wouldn’t exist.

Dulle, a Scouter with Troop 459 out of Overland Park, Kan., shared the Scouting triangle concept with me, and it’s simple but brilliant.

The fuel is the program, the oxygen is the youth and the heat is trained adult leaders. All are essential for Scouting to function.

Find a higher-res version of the triangle that you’re free to share and more insight from Dulle after the jump.

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Wood Badge – complete!

S-9-1-12-2 Axe & Log
S-9-1-12-2 Axe & Log

I received word this past Saturday from my Wood Badge Scoutmaster that my ticket was approved and that I’ve officially completed the Application Phase of the Wood Badge experience!  I was sitting in a Cub Advancement session with my son when I received the message. It hit me immediately how appropriate it was that I was at a Cub Scout event when I received the message. I attended Wood Badge as a Cub Scout leader and my ticket was focused on that half (or 80%!) of my Scouting life (I’m also a Asst. Scoutmaster with a Troop).

S9-1122-Scoutmasters-Patch-250pxWe left Gilwell Field on Oct 15, 2012 and my notification of my ticket being approved came on Oct 19, 2013. That is barely over 12 months into the Application phase of the course, which lasts 18 months. When I left Gilwell Field, I totally thought that I’d be done in a few months with everything but one goal that was time dependent (looking back, I really could have hustled and completed that one first if I had been thinking right!).  Some of the items were easier to complete than others and others really took a while for me to find time and energy to complete.

I hope my fellow Bobwhites (as well as the other critters) will make the final push over the next 5+ months to wrap up their tickets.


Wood Badge – The finish line is in sight!

I have submitted the completion information for my 5th and final Wood Badge ticket goal a couple of days ago. My Troop Guide has already passed it along to the ASM to look at so now it’s a waiting game to find out if my ticket is approved.  After all of the work of the course and then the application period, it’s hard to have patience and wait.  The good thing is that there’s plenty of things to keep me busy in the Pack.


Wood Badge progress – 3 down, 2 to go

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I have submitted 3 of my 5 ticket items for approval so far. So far I have heard that the first one is approved and the other two are being reviewed (the email for the second one was missed by my Troop Guide so that has delayed that, oops!).  I have a draft of the document for the 4th item and a rough outline for the 5th.  There is a little less than 10 months left to complete all my items so I’m feeling pretty good so far. If all goes well, I’m hoping to have them all submitted in September (my 5th ticket item can’t be done until September).