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Snow in Bloomington

I came across the above story earlier today and it made me wax philosophical about my time in Bloomington.  One of the little things he mentions is one of the sounds that will forever stick with me: the sound of snow hitting the dead leaves in the trees. To this day, when I hear that sound I am instantly transported back to my Junior and Senior years at IU.  I lived off campus those two years and there were a lot of nights that had me working in the computer labs.

I was a Computer Science major and this was at a time when working on stuff at home was not an easy proposition.  To be able to work on programming assignments at home, you had to have a dial-up modem, which would then tie up your phone line. I couldn’t imagine what being a CS student today is like…

My walk back home had me walking through wooded areas and tree-lined streets. On nights when it was snowing, I remember the quiet roar of the snow falling through the trees and hitting the dead leaves that were still clinging to the trees.

The other day it actually snowed down here in Birmingham. When I opened the front door to check on accumulation, I was greeted with that old familiar sound coming from the oak tree in the front yard.