Boarding Pass Redesign

Genius idea for redesigning airline boarding passes to make them more usable.

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Recruiting your own problems

The other day I was listening to the Big Ten media day speeches from the Leaders division (really, what is up with those names?) and while waiting for Coach Kevin Wilson to speak I listened to Wisconsin’s coach Bret Bielema.  He was an absolute pleasure to listen to.  I sensed a passion for the game and a desire for coaching it the right way.  He said something that really got me thinking about things even beyond football.  He said “I think you recruit your own problems”.  It was said in context of trusting the character of the recruits because you know that you recruited good young men.

How many of our own problems do we invite in to our lives on our own?  Just think that if we would be more careful to let into our lives only the things that will produce good fruit, it should reduce the amount of self-inflicted problems/drama we have.


Rethink The Food Label

Rethink The Food Label

I hope something happens to redesign the nutritional information panel on foods.  The current one provides no context about overall healthiness of the food. Some of these submissions are pretty good and others are really off-the-wall.

I particularly like the ones that break down processed versus natural ingredients in the product.  I’m also rather fond of showing percent of daily values as charts/graphs. It conveys the information so much cleaner than a bunch of numbers.


Giving WordPress a shot

I’ve decided to give WordPress a shot.  I’ve been using Tumblr for my blogging (very infrequently) for the last year or so and have pretty much forgotten that I had a WordPress account.  The idea of keeping up a blog is interesting to me and I want to see if I like WordPress enough to use it for other facets of my life (e.g. scouts, church, etc).