Oct. 21, 2015

Marty & Doc —

Welcome to 2015! Things aren’t exactly like the 1980s predicted they would be. Sorry to tell you that we don’t have hover boards and flying cars everywhere. However, we do have the Internet that has the entirety of human knowledge on it and we have mobile phones to access it anywhere at an insanely fast speed. While the Jaws franchise didn’t make it past 4 movies, we finally have the sequel to Return of the Jedi coming out this year.

So good luck returning back to the 80s and waiting patiently for the next 22 years for the iPhone to come out. You won’t know that you need it until you have it.


P.S. By stock in Apple and be patient

P.P.S If you come across me back in 1985, let him know that he’s going to have a heck of a ride and things will turn out alright. Also tell him to buy stock in Apple…as much as he can afford.


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