Yes, the Clippers

Dear 13-year-old me –

This is the much older version of yourself writing to prepare you for a sport that somewhat resembles the NBA that you know. In the year 2015, there are now a whopping 30 teams in the NBA. That’s not even then most shocking thing about this year’s league, wait until you hear about the playoffs. The Lakers, Knicks, Sixers, and Pistons didn’t make it. At your age, it’s hard to imagine a playoffs without most of those teams in them but none of them made it this year! Before you start freaking out, the Celtics did make it so we’re good. Unfortunately, Larry Bird isn’t playing anymore (I know, we thought/hoped that he’d play forever).

Now for the real shocker: the teams that did make it. You better sit down for this one: the Clippers, Warriors, and Cavaliers. All of them. Believe it or not, the Spurs are the defending champions and are in it again as well.

Enjoy what you have while you have it. Go Celts!

— Dan (we dropped Danny a long time ago)

P.S.: Start betting on the new guy named Jordan. I know you don’t like him but he ends up being a very good player and they eventually build a team around him.


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