I’ve got those voting booth blues

Every two years about this time of the year I wonder which is more dangerous: not voting or uninformed voting? Where are the programs in September/October to objectively inform voters of the options that they’ll have when they are “in the booth” in November? Seems like if the goal was intelligent voting that we’d see a lot more activity before election day in November (not including the trash that is slander ads) to try to increase voter education.

Speaking of slander ads, my rule of thumb is that as soon as your ad mentions your opponent’s name, you have lost any chance of me voting for you. You should be able to get my support by providing what you plan to do, not how what your opponent plans to do is bad…I’ll decide that for myself. That’s like someone asking me for directions and I spend the next 30 mins telling them how bad it is to go the wrong way. Unfortunately, this approach has left me with very few candidates to vote for in my memorable voting life (except those who run unopposed and in that case, my vote doesn’t mean anything).

When you do get out and vote, remember these wise words from President Theodore Roosevelt:

“A vote is like a rifle: its usefulness depends upon the character of the user.”

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