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Indiana departures

With the confirmation that Austin Etherington and Jeremy Hollowell are leaving the Indiana Hoosiers basketball team, there has been quite a flurry of emotions stirred up again among those in the Hoosier Nation. There are many that want Coach Crean’s head on a stick again (see the past uproar when the Hoosiers had their end-of-season losing streak). What I don’t get is that the fans were unhappy with how the team was playing and now they are unhappy when players that have statistically underproduced are leaving the program? There’s a great analysis of the impact that the departing players will have on the program (got to throw in Marlin’s departure as well) on and, in all honesty, the team isn’t going to be hurt that badly due to the departures. When you look at the class of recruits that we already have coming in and now add in three more spots to fill on the roster (don’t forget Vonleh’s early departure) with some potentially choice transfers, next year looks like it could be a very exciting year.

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