Wood Badge – complete!

S-9-1-12-2 Axe & Log
S-9-1-12-2 Axe & Log

I received word this past Saturday from my Wood Badge Scoutmaster that my ticket was approved and that I’ve officially completed the Application Phase of the Wood Badge experience!  I was sitting in a Cub Advancement session with my son when I received the message. It hit me immediately how appropriate it was that I was at a Cub Scout event when I received the message. I attended Wood Badge as a Cub Scout leader and my ticket was focused on that half (or 80%!) of my Scouting life (I’m also a Asst. Scoutmaster with a Troop).

S9-1122-Scoutmasters-Patch-250pxWe left Gilwell Field on Oct 15, 2012 and my notification of my ticket being approved came on Oct 19, 2013. That is barely over 12 months into the Application phase of the course, which lasts 18 months. When I left Gilwell Field, I totally thought that I’d be done in a few months with everything but one goal that was time dependent (looking back, I really could have hustled and completed that one first if I had been thinking right!).  Some of the items were easier to complete than others and others really took a while for me to find time and energy to complete.

I hope my fellow Bobwhites (as well as the other critters) will make the final push over the next 5+ months to wrap up their tickets.


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