Pork and beef living in perfect harmony

We went to Jim ‘n Nick’s for Father’s Day supper this year.  If you live near a location, stop what you’re doing, bookmark this page, and drive down there and enjoy a meal…I’ll wait for you to get back.  Welcome back!  Is that not be best BBQ you’ve ever had?  I figured that I needed something to correct the less-than-stellar experience at Firehouse and boy did this ever do that.

For Father’s Day this year, I decided to venture off my normal path and try something on the menu that I’ve not yet tried, the Double Decker sandwich.  This sandwich is list on the menu with the following description:

Pulled pork PLUS beef brisket

When I read this and saw the work “PLUS” I was imagining a pork BBQ sandwich with some brisket thrown in on top.  When the sandwich arrived, I was presented with what looks like what the Big Mac would be if it was created in the South.  This sandwich was essentially a full pork BBQ sandwich with a third bun section separating it from a healthy layer of beef brisket.  So starting from the top, here’s the architecture of the sandwich:

top bun -> brisket -> little bun -> pork -> bottom bun.Quite possibly the tastiest sandwich around

Love at first bite

After picking off the pickles (I like to eat them on the side with the sandwich) I was faced with a sandwich that looked like it could in no way fit into my mouth.  I took a few seconds thinking of strategy and just about settled on the approach of making two sandwiches: an open-face pork sandwich and a brisket sandwich (I assure you, both of which rock at JnN’s).  But then a little voice in the back of my head thought that this was meant to be eaten together so I HAD to employ the squish and stuff method.  I can say with the benefit of hindsight that there is no other way to enjoy this sandwich.  The flavors of the pork and the brisket are just meant for each other. Both meats were so tender and flavorful.  If scientists are in such a hurry to perfect cloning and such, they need to turn their attention to creating an animal that is half-pig and half-cow.  That way the entire world can get used to the pure beauty of this combination (from a taste perspective…I’m sure this beast would be ugly as sin).

Swiper! Stop Swiping…OK, go ahead

The unforeseen consequence of having such a beautiful sandwich in front of me was that my young son saw it and proceeded to say that he may like to try it.  This is the same young son that was doing nothing but complaining on the way to Jim ‘n Nick’s about how he didn’t want to go there that night.  That boy tried a bite of my sandwich and it was like the scales fell from his eyes.  His eyes lit up and he said “this is the best BBQ sandwich I have EVER eaten”.  When I looked down at his cheeseburger in front of him I had to offer him half of my sandwich.  Don’t get me wrong, JnN’s makes an awesome cheeseburger (that’s for another review) but it didn’t look so good that night next to the Double Decker.  To our amazement, that boy devoured the entire half of a double decker sandwich! Not only that, he was singing praises to how delicious the sandwich was between bites! We made a pact that night: I would order the Double Decker sandwich from now on and we would split it.  In fact, we joked about how it would be great to have a mini-Double Decker on the kid’s menu.  It would be kind of a step up from the basic BBQ slider that is currently on there.

The Verdict

The taste of this sandwich was superb.  I was a little nervous about the pork and beef combination but they melded together so well.  This sandwich will be my normal selection if my son is with me but I think that it’s a little too much to order if it’s just me eating it. Eating half the sandwich and a side left me satisfied.  I think if I ate the entire sandwich that I’d had to go into hibernation afterwards.

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