Chomping at the bit for iOS5

Over the last week I’ve been reading about the new features for iOS 5 (expected this fall) and I can say that I’m pretty pumped about this update.  I’ve experienced real-world scenarios recently where the new features of  iOS would have come in handy and other scenarios where the features will drastically change how I use the iPhone.

After being on vacation for a week and a half and using my iPhone as a camera on-and-off, the dedicated quick shot button on the lock screen and the ability to use the volume up button as a shutter will be big time savers. Too often I grabbed my iPhone to get a shot and had to swipe, type my passcode, launch the Camera app and finally shoot. Having the ability to press a single button and the iPhone being ready to take pics will be awesome.  The ability to use the volume up as a shutter doesn’t seem like a  big thing but I’ve ruined more shots than I care to admit because tapping the shutter button on-screen moves the camera ever so slightly.

I’m also excited about the new notification system. In the last couple of weeks I’ve been in situations where I’ve been on the phone and received a text message. In this scenario, you can’t hang up the call without first dismissing the text message notification dialog. Not the most streamlined workflow.

The new “Reminders” app will be welcome in our household too.  My wife and I use another app to keep a running grocery list that we can both see.  The Reminders app will quickly take the place of this.  I will likely take a look at this as a replacement for my Toodledo account but I’m not sure yet if it can replace my use of that.  With the location feature, it will be awesome to get a shopping list reminder as I walk into the store.

The iMessage update is going to be great.  This is like having unlimited texting with other iOS users.  This one feature alone will likely seal the deal on my mom getting an iPhone. If she can text me, my wife, my sister and her kids (all iPhone users) for free without a texting plan then it becomes a no-brainer on which smart phone to get her.  This may also be the final nail in the coffin to getting iPod touch devices for my sons if they can send messages to me and my wife and their friends, who all run iOS devices.  This really is a killer feature.

With wireless syncing, my wife’s iPhone may actually be kept up-to-date. I’m in my home office for work all day so my iPhone is synced regularly.  My wife’s iPhone hasn’t been synced since the Reagan administration and only seems to make it up here when I walk it up here and sync it for her.  That usually only happens when iOS updates are pushed out.  One thing she does do is plug her iPhone into a wall charger every night when she goes to bed.  Thanks to the wireless syncing feature, that is all she’ll need to do to keep her iPhone up-to-date.

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