You might be a redtech if…

Over the last year or so I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in my clothing. I’m developing an “iPhone ring” in my front pocket of my jeans. This is something like a “Skoal ring” that folks that enjoy smokeless tobacco are cursed with in the back pockets of their jeans. I’ve decided that this is worthy of coining a new word…redtech.

A redtech is someone whose technology products visibly mark them in society. Much like a redneck is visibly marked by the Skoal ring, trucker cap, sleeveless flannel shirts and the like, a redtech is identified by his or her technology. Examples of this are the afore mentioned iPhone ring, bluetooth headsets, and/or Blackberry phone holster on the belt (you know who you are).

Anyone else have any sure-fire ways to identify a redtech? If so, post them in the comments.

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