Missing: Hoosier Hysteria

We went to the Auburn A-Day game this weekend and enjoyed the game with over 63,000 of our closest friends.  I was reading this morning how the Indiana University version of the same game (the Cream & Crimson game) had a record turn-out, which is awesome for our football program.  The kind of sobering detail is that Indiana’s record crowd was just over 5,300 fans.  That is an amazing difference in scale.  An order-of-magnitude more fans showed up for the Auburn practice game.  I can’t imagine the uphill battle that the Indiana staff has when it comes to recruiting players.  When you’re up against a conference that brings in over 60,000 for practice games (Alabama had over 92,000), you are at a serious disadvantage.  Even within the same conference, I’m sure other Big Ten teams draw larger crowds than Indiana for their spring games.  I hope that the Hoosier fans realize how their lack of support for their football team impacts the football program not only for now but in the long term recruiting picture.  We really can’t expect top-name talent to glance the direction of Indiana while the football program is hidden in the shadow of the basketball program.

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